If you dare to dream, Dream Big. Check out our product line to see what is available and what is for sale Who is Dream Big Studios llc? Dream Big Studios is located in Cleveland Tennessee, just north of Chattanooga. Our primary business is creating and manufacturing sets and props for Children’s Churches, Theaters, Theme and Amusement Parks, Stage Shows, Magicians, and Performers. We manufacture buildings for character entrance and puppet access, along with stage items that can be used to tell a story. Magicians tables, Props and Illusions are just a few of the items we produce that you might find on a stage. When you’re walking around a Theme Park, that rock you see could be made of styrofoam, that would be us too.  You never know where our merchandise will turn up. So whether it is something that needs to be light weight, durable and realistic looking, or something that is over the top in size, we are just a phone call away. Learn How to get started designing you own theme.  Whether you design your theme area yourself, or you have Dream Big Studios design it for you, learn the steps that you need to follow to make the most of your budget. Welcome to Dream Big Studios Made with Xara Check out our Props Sets and Signs